A poem for those pansy’s who can’t stop crying about their abuse

Abuse isn’t cool at all. Don’t put up with it. I know that’s easier said than done. But what’s it like to be inside the mind of an abuser? Someone who is so desperate for control and power over someone. I don’t really think I want to know. But f*ck them, here’s a poem.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
You will never be anything
Because I control you

Sunflowers are yellow
Daisies are white
Try all you can to expose me
You can never win the fight

Verbenas are purple
Hellebores are green
I manipulate you constantly
But no evidence is ever…

A survivor’s point-of-view on how lost it feels when trying to escape.

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Do you ever wonder how most seem to lead lives that appear well put together? They are successful, their careers thrive, their family supports them, and they encounter no major hiccups, or they at least seem to navigate the treacherous waters with ease. They have happy marriages with beautiful chidden and navigate life’s issues with grace and ease. They have the freedom to do as they choose, people listen to them, and are looked glowingly by society in general.

Constant Struggle

On the other hand, there are those…

Surviving In a dysfunctional and abusive family setting according to the head abusers and enablers of the household.

Not all of us grew up in perfect families homes like the Huxtables, the Tanners, the Gilmores, or the Brady’s. Many of us grew up in homes where most of the time all you saw was the backs of your family, or their temper, their fists, and a few empty bottles that turns out were not mouthwash or something meant to make the room smell better.

Being abused is no matter that should be ignored. We all deserve to live a life safe from it. Protect yourself and take these actions.

Nothing gives the abused more hope than seeing endless bullying campaigns, right? Everyone is a big fan of telling the bullied and the abused to stand up to their perpetrator. That is until it is them being accused of it. Then they will try and hide behind the cloak of fighting for those they have abused themselves. They will then do anything to deny it, distance themselves from the accusations, and then likely bully their victim more to try and convince them not to smear their name.

Don’t a lot of people end up severely hurt, or even murdered this…

It’s not just political activists, whiny socialists, crying liberals, feminists, or pandering politicians killing our freedoms. Oh wait, yes it is.

See that picture? That is a mother torturing her child, forcing her child to choose between her, the only one who can save her in that moment, or her helpless father. Hey, maybe he already drowned trying to cross that same river the mother is forcing her child to cross.

Otherwise, innocent people are punished, and the guilty walk free.

Post a Picture Or It Didn’t Happen

One of the most common things I see posted on Social Media is requests from pages to post your pictures of your weekend plans, post your pictures of your family moments, to post your pictures of your jobs, etc. But, you have to post a picture, or it didn’t happen. There needs to be physical proof of something, or it didn’t happen.

So, what if you missed capturing the moment? Or, what if the moment wasn’t an actual event, but a thought or feeling as you sat there being in the moment? Can a favorite memory be watching your child…

No matter which parent wins, the child always loses.

Child custody battles can really bring out the worst in someone. It is a nightmare to deal with when one, or even worse both of the parents look at it as a battle to be won. The only out come is that one person shall win, and the other will not just lose, but hopefully be pummeled to the ground in misery with their guts pouring out and their face is mangled and unrecognizable. Yeah, maybe I need help. But, even if it was less descriptive, less severe, no matter the outcome, the child loses.

The only two ways a…

Says the pansy hiding behind a fake name.

This year has sucked! Why? Lots of reasons. Do you really need me to name more? But, what it really showed was how big of a candy-ass weakling our society is! George Carlin was right, we are a bunch of germaphobes wankers a speck of bacteria away from wiping out all of mankind. Why? Because we obsessed ourselves with hand sanitizer, playing in clean dirt, hiring people to take out the trash, and by closing all the windows, cranking up the air, and binging on Netflix and Hulu, or whatever you use.

Back in the day, people wrapped their feet…

In the middle of a pandemic, advances in artificial intelligence, and increase in education requirements, we are all a bit Willy Loman.

Imagine a time long, long ago where members of the government, and many activists push for an increase in the minimum wage with the purpose of increasing the earnings of hourly, minimum wage employees. This would be the perfect world, everyone makes more, everyone can afford to live and stretch their paychecks further. They can now afford the rent on a two-bedroom apartment, as opposed to a single room with their children.

However, reality strikes. What occurs instead is companies seek to shrink their workforce, and many retail storefronts and fast food chains opt for automated touch-screens to take customer…

How to put a stop to negative thinking and intense fear of rejection.

Rejection comes in many forms. Certainly, first thing that comes to mind is being turned down for a date, or not having mutual feelings after a date, or breaking up from a relationship you wanted to work. There are also rejections from school or jobs you applied for, maybe rejected by various fellowships and internships. Add to it, the rejection of your arguments or points you try to make in conversation. Rejection happens all around us.

Perhaps, because of the amount of rejection you are subject to, or the level of harshness that may occur in a rejection, you develop…

Barlon Mrando

Maybe I’m foolish, maybe I’m blind. Thinking I can see through this and see what’s behind. Got no way to prove it, so maybe I’m blind. I’m only human after all.

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